Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a car at 7am or 11pm after or before your normal office hours?
Yes, any rentals outside of our normal office hours will incur a $95.00 surcharge.  We will do our very best to work around your schedule.

Do you offer hourly rentals for your vehicles?
No, unfortunately there is too much time and effort put into preparing each and every rental vehicle.  We require a one day minimum rental charge for all of our rental vehicles.

Does my personal automobile insurance policy cover your luxury car rental?  I only own a Toyota.
Yes, if your carry full coverage insurance on your personal automobile consisting of (liability, collision and comprehensive) coverage, in most cases the policy will cover our rental vehicle.

How many free miles do I get with my rental vehicle?
All of our luxury rental vehicles come with 100 free miles daily.  Our exotic rental vehicles come with 50 free miles daily.  We do not offer unlimited mileage. 

Why do I have to leave a security deposit?
We require a 100% refundable security deposit just In case you extend your rental vehicle for additional rental days, in case you incur additional mileage charge, in case you incur a fuel charge or any additional rental fees.  Your security deposit will be returned to you upon the return of our rental vehicle.

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down? 
It is unlikely since all of our vehicles are the latest models. However, each vehicle is protected by a 24 hour road-service plan covering such items as: Flat tire, lock out, and fuel delivery. You simply call the phone number provided with the vehicle and help is on the way.
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