Roadside Assistance

 Roadsise Assistance

If you are experiencing a vehicle emergency such as a (lockout, low battery, tire blowout, no fuel or need a jump start or tow truck) you can reach the vehicles manufactures toll free 24/7 roadside service contact phone number by locating it on the guide below.
Audi:          800-433-4247
BMW:         800-831-1117
Cadillac:   800-882-1112
Chevy:       800-243-8872
Dodge:      800-521-2779
Ford:          800-241-3673
Lexus:                800-255-3987
Mercedes:         800-222-0100
Porsche:            800-545-8039
Range Rover:    800-637-6837
Tesla:                 877-798-3752
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