Rental Policies

 Rental Policies

Rental Requirements:  
All renters must be physically present at the start of the rental.  Unfortunately we do not allow 3rd parties to pick up rental vehicles, our employees must physically hand the keys over to the person who will be driving and presenting their credit card and valid drivers license.

Age Requirements:   All renters must be 21 years of age and older.  
International Renters:    Rental vehicles are available to international and foreign visitors with a valid driver's license from their home country.  We also accept international drivers license.  We can arrange for rental vehicle protection for those international visitors renting from Olympic Rent-A-Car.
Insurance Requirements:
(U.S. Residents only)  Renters must carry some form of insurance to cover damages to the rental vehicles in the event of an accident. We require full coverage automobile insurance consisting of liability, comprehensive and collision coverage.  We will verify with your insurer that your policy is active. 

Rental Deposit:  
We require a minimum rental deposit of $1,000 based upon the specified rental vehicle.  Your rental  deposit is refundable upon the return of the rental vehicle.
Credit Card Requirements:  
We require a major credit card (VISA, Master Card, AMEX or DISCOVER).  We require that the credit card be present at the time of rental pick-up or vehicle delivery and the name on the credit card must match the name on your valid drivers license.
Payment Methods:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are the preferred method of payment for the estimated rental fees and security deposit. In certain cases, cash may be accepted in addition to a credit card if pre-arranged.
Additional Drivers:
Additional drivers may be listed on your Rental Agreement at no additional charge. Each additional driver must be present at the time of rental, must submit a valid driver's license in advance, will be subject to the same age,  licensing and qualification restrictions as the primary renter.

Cancelation Policies:
We require a minimum 72 hours written cancelation notice from your scheduled pick-up date for a full refund.  Cancelations with-in the 72 hours from the scheduled pick-up date are subject to ONE FULL DAYS rental charge plus applicable tax.  
No Show Policy:  
All Reservations are honored up to 2 hours after the scheduled pick-up date and time.  If you are not able to pick-up your rental vehicle at your scheduled time, we request that you contact us to re-schedule. Otherwise, your reservation will be considered "CANCELLED" and subject to ONE FULL DAYS rental charge plus applicable tax/fees.
Rental Period:  We currently require a 2 day rental minimum for all rentals. Rental period consists of 24 hours from the original pick-up time.  We do not offer half day rentals or hourly rentals.
Driving and Mileage Restrictions: 
All rental vehicles are allowed to be driven anywhere in the state of California and only into Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Smoking Fee:  Smoking is prohibited in all of our rental vehicles, otherwise a $500.00 smoking fee will be applied.
Taxes and Fees:  All rentals are subject to Los Angeles County Sales Tax of 9.25 % and 2.25 % VLR Vehicle License Recovery fee.  
Parking Violations:
Renters are responsible to pay for all parking violations, citations and tolls obtained during their rental period.  All parking violations processed by Olympic RAC are subject to an administrative fee of $50.00.
Vehicle Damages:
Renters will be responsible for all damages caused to our rental vehicle during the rental period.  Olympic RAC will request an estimate from the body shop repair facility of Olympic RAC's choice.  Renter will be fully responsible for damages per the estimate at the time of the rental return.  Olympic RAC also has the right to charge renter for (loss of use) and (diminished value) of our rental vehicle. 
Vehicle pick-ups:
Any rental vehicle left for pick-up at a hotel, home, business, valet or the Airport is the full responsibility of the renter.  
Early or After Hours Returns:  
Any rental vehicle returned to our rental office before or after our normal business hours are the full responsibility of the renter.
Rental Vehicle Operation:  Under no circumstances shall the rental vehicle be used, operated or driven for the transportation of persons or property for hire, on unimproved roads, off road, desert or mountain roads, for any illegal purpose, in any race, speed test, rally, contest or any racetrack or road course, to exceed any posted speed limits, to video or filming, to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer, outside the authorized area, by anyone not licensed to drive or whose driver's license has been suspended or restricted or to instruct an un-licensed person in operation of vehicle with out prior written consent of Olympic RAC.
Lost Items:  Olympic RAC is not responsible for any lost items left behind in our rental vehicles.

Clean-up Fees:  Vehicles returned extremely dirty may be subject to a $11.00 clean up fee or $100.00 detail fee.
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